Workstation CT-3528

  • Model: CT-3528

The Desk Workstation and chairs are very important. They are the long-term partner of the office work and study. The quality of the table and chairs directly affects our work. Some people think that if you buy a hand chair that can be lifted, the Desk Workstation is where you can place it. This is actually not the case. If the appropriate Desk Workstation is equipped with ergonomic office chairs, the efficiency can be doubled. So how do you find the tables and chairs that suit you?


  1. Appropriate height: Based on the normal human height of my country, the height of the desk is usually 720-780 cm. Considering the activity area of ​​the legs under the desk, in order to adapt to the human structure, the height of the Desk Workstation should be increased by 280 cm at the height of the office chair. The comfortable Desk Workstation height will directly affect our health. If it is not suitable, we will directly damage our lumbar and spine.


  2. Reasonable width: In general, the width of the table depends on our shoulder width and the scope of the arm when sitting down. When we sit in the middle of the desk, the extension of the wrist is used as a width limit on the left and right sides, so a more reasonable desktop width is 1200-1800 cm long, but if the office chair has a wheel, our activity range will More widespread. The activity range of the desktop has also been expanded, so the size of the table can be more than 2000 cm.


  3. Quality Safety: When purchasing a Wholesale Desk Workstation, check whether the material contains harmful substances, unknown, etc. to ensure quality safety.


  Therefore, when choosing a Wholesale Desk Workstation, it should be the first choice to achieve comfort and safety. To ensure quality and security, you will make your employee have a more elameted office experience.





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