With years' experience of providing ODM services, we keep innovating and now we have our own way of providing our ODM services. Long Sheng Office Furniture Co., Ltd. has established Global home-office furniture R&D Manufacturing Center in 1996. In terms of production, we can provide our professional technical solutions and suggestion on the production. Besides, we can provide you professional services in terms of Marketing Suggestions, Products, display, employee training and our mutual-trust. Get contacted and know more about us!

Marketing Suggestions

Marketing Suggestions

1. Marketing props production services will be provided.

2. Develop and recommend a sound marketing plan for customers.

3. We can recommend product sales ratios and price positioning for our customers.

4. We give our customers advice on sales channels.

5. Marketing copy will be carefully crafted.

6. We will do sales data comparison and analysis for our customers.



1. Our products include Computer Table, Book shelf and filing cabinet series.

2. We have a variety of series: New innovation, Glass desk, office workstation, sit-stand up series, home-office series etc.

3. More than 80,000 pieces/month of production capacity can be guaranteed.

4. There are Eco-friendly material certificates, appearance patents and stability certificates available.

5. Strict product testing and QA protocols will be provided.

6. We have independent product development capabilities.



1. Our high-end and professional product demonstrations.

2. The perfect experience in home-office area.

3. Display of the content and layout of the website.

4. Our event ads display.

5. Demonstration of various sales items.



1. Comprehensive product basic knowledge training.

2. Professional material knowledge training.

3. A full set of after-sales knowledge training.

4. Contentful marketing and product features training.

5. Diverse shopping guiding training.



1. We provide OEM services to more than 60 countries.

2. We offer a full range of one-stop product customization services.

3. Our high productivity and annual production enable us to cope with customer's urgent orders.

4. Warehouse rental services can be provided.

5. We are committed to providing business and technical consulting services throughout the year.

6. Customers can receive professional after-sales support from us.

7. If the customer needs, we also have special technology research and development services.



1. Our strong leadership has been respected and trusted for 24 years.

2. We are trusted by more than 300 customers from 60 countries.

3. Our materials have passed EN71 certification, products passed EN12521 test and got appearance patents.

4. Our company offers complete warranty service.




Long Sheng Office Furniture Co., Ltd.

We are always providing our customers with reliable products and considerate services.

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