Stand Up & Sit Down Desk

A stand up sit down desk is specially designed to alternate between a standard desk height and an adjustable height that can be used when standing. This is an excellent choice for those who find it difficult to sit down for a long time and it is said that breaking up sedentary periods of work can help users maintain concentration and effective work. At work, stand up sit down desks can be used at regular desk height or raised so you can stand and stretch your legs. You can place laptops, computer monitors, USB connectors, or any other office supplies on these desks. Modern sit stand desks also provide ample storage space under the desk for home and office file cabinets or other office equipment.

Stand up sit down desks can break the habit of sitting while at work. People can seamlessly switch between sitting and standing during the workday. One of the biggest health benefits of stand up sit down desks is the ability to adjust the settings to both sitting and standing heights. This allows people to create a balance between the two throughout the workday that fits them.

Sitting at a desk for long periods of time can lead to back and neck pain, while modern sit stand desks allow people to choose to work standing up when sitting for long periods of time, which will greatly relieve back and neck pain. Not only does a modern sit stand desk ensure you're not sedentary, but standing for part of the day is good for your health. For the best health benefits and to reduce potential adverse effects, the best option is to alternate between sitting and standing.

Amongst all the health benefits of stand up sit down desks, there are work improvements too. Studies have shown that in some offices the introduction of stand up sit down desks increased productivity by 46%. The boost in mood and energy, as well as the reduction in the back, shoulder, and neck pain, is likely to improve work efficiency when the body as a whole is in better shape. Not only do modern sit stand desks improve people’s health, but they also improve their work efficiency.





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