Sit To Stand Desk

  • Model: CT-3534B
  • Specification: 120(W)*60(D)*77~110.5(H) CM
  • Packing Size:
  • 1. 123.5(L) X 63.5(W) X 8.5(H) CM
  • 2. 86(L) X 67(W) X 17(H) CM
  • Weight:
  • N.W.: 45.50Kgs; G.W.: 49.50Kgs
  • Packing Detail: 5 ply export carton, 6pack tie, foam included, buyer's carton desgins acceptable


1. Large Work Surface, Wide Keyboard Tray.

2. Adjust desk Riser to 11 heights to sit or stand as you work.

3. Easy assembled for the height adjustable desk.

4.Sit Stand desk has 2 drawers for storage.

5.Durable frame support.

6.Size and Color: can customized.

7.OEM is welcome for sit-stand up desk wholesale at any time.

8.Many factories are developing height adjustable desks due to modern people pay more attention on the ergonomic theroy.

The modern sit and stand up desk was probably invented in the early Twentieth Century by the German economist, Kurt Wimmer. It was designed to improve people's posture when working at a desk for long hours. According to the economist, the only way to accomplish this is by providing the proper mechanical support that would make people sit up straight, without slouching. The desk has been incorporated into many different rooms of a house such as the kitchen, living room, den, and bedroom.


Longsheng stand up desk has two main parts: the pedestal and the back part. The pedestal is what supports the chair, while the back part is where the user will sit and rest his or her legs on. Both parts are typically made out of wood, although metal and glass are also used. These days, they can also be made out of metal and glass and are also called "L desks". A L desk is smaller and usually fits in a smaller area than other types of desk.


One characteristic that is unique to the modern sit-and-stand desk is its design. Compared to traditional desks, it is not actually very wide. It is just slightly wider and deeper. Its height is also adjusted in a variety of ways, including its angle at which it is set vertically or its angle between its two side rails. The angle between the two side rails is adjusted so that the user can adjust the desk in such a way that his or her feet are resting on the floor while standing on the desk.


Another feature of the modern sit-and-stand-up desk is that its keyboard is at the same level as its monitor. As you can imagine, people who use computers a lot find this very convenient. Since most people who are accustomed to working at a desk place are not accustomed to sitting at a computer, this feature allows them to work without having to put their feet on a piece of furniture. Of course, their feet can still be resting on the desk. The keyboard does not have to be very high, and can even be lower than the monitor if it is set at an appropriate height.


Most modern sit and stand up desks are designed with shelves for storage. These shelves can be adjustable or can be stationary, depending on what the user needs. The shelves can be tall or wide, or can be placed near the bottom of the desk or at the top, depending on what looks best with the overall design of the room. This feature is especially useful for people who have books and papers that need to be stored out of the main room, and at the same time, does not take up valuable floor space.


A modern sit and stand up desk is just like any other desk: it is good for sitting at, but not so good for standing up. Many people who choose to add a pedestal keyboard stand to their desk to find that it does much more than make up for the inconvenience: it actually makes their working day is more productive, because they are not always required to reach all the way over to the desktop to do their typing. The stand makes it much easier to type at a desk without the pain in your arms and shoulders that usually accompanies long hours of standing.

Weight & Size
Product Width (in.) 47.24 Product Width (cm.) 120
Product Depth (in.) 23.62 Product Depth (cm.) 60
Product Height (in.) 30.31-45.5 Product Height (cm.) 77-110.5
Product Weight (lb.) 100.31 Product Weight (kgs.) 45.5
Assembly Required Assembly Required Assembly Required Yes
Color/Finish Grained grey Furniture Features Spacious working area,storage,adjustable
Frame Material Metal Steel Material Metal,MDF Board
Included Desk,drawer,left bar Number of Pieces 1
Number of Drawers 0
Shape Rectangular Tabletop Material MDF Board
Style Modern,Multifunction
Warranty / Certifications
Manufacturer Warranty Three Years  Warranty




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