Ergonomic Height Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk

  • Model: LT-201
  • Specification: 160(W) * 75(D) * 72.5~122(H) CM
  • Packing Size:
  • 1. 166.5(L) X 81(W) X 5.5(H) CM
  • 2. 147.5(L) X 20(W) X 9.5(H) CM
  • 3. 78(L) X 23.5(W) X 12.5(H) CM
  • Weight:
  • N.W.: 48.00Kgs; G.W.: 53.50Kgs
  • Packing Detail: 5 ply export carton, 6pack tie, foam included, buyer's carton desgins acceptable


1. One of our popular ergonomic 2-leg electric height adjustable desks.

2. Sit stand desk uses power & the height is adjusted by two motors, making the desk move up or down easy and fast.

3. It’s very suitable for use in the office or home, providing a different experience in using the ergonomic computer desk.

4. The desks are with the features of stable structure, smooth operation, easy assembly, and low noise.

5.Made in Longsheng Office Furniture Co., Ltd, one of the sit and stand up desk factory in China.

When shopping for the best ergonomic office table, you’re going to want to consider a few factors: comfort, size, price, posture, and style. And, like most purchases, it’s rare that you can have it all—more likely, you’ll have to prioritize your needs, and shop accordingly. 


How to Find an Ergonomic Desk That Fits in a Small Space


The ergonomic computer desk checks offer tons of storage and adjustable shelves. But, while some of the shelves are adjustable, the desk itself is not—meaning that there’s no wiggle room when it comes to height.

Picking a Computer Desk That Won’t Cramp Your Style


It’s no secret that ergonomic desks aren’t exactly the most stylish—in some cases, far from it. They’re designed with efficiency and productivity in mind, and, inevitably, that means that taste isn’t a top priority. But that’s not to say that in order to be comfortable and maintain good posture you must forego style altogether. Find the right desk that matches your home office décor, and you truly could have it all, aesthetically speaking.


If you don’t have a separate room for your home office or even a designated permanent space, you’re probably looking for a desk that’s lightweight, portable, and easy to shuffle around. Maybe you want to tuck it away in a closet each evening, or simply remove your laptop and make good use of the surface area for some other task. That doesn’t mean it can’t be ergonomic. In fact, you can follow the exact same rules of sitting far enough away from your screen, for example, and keeping your wrists straight, as you can with a much larger desk.


Simply put, sometimes it feels really good to completely remove any reminder of work from your space, and take back some of that work-life balance that might have otherwise been lost in our collective shift to working from home.

Weight & Size
Product Width (in.) 62.99 Product Width (cm.) 160
Product Depth (in.) 29.53 Product Depth (cm.) 75
Product Height (in.) 28.54-48.03 Product Height (cm.) 72.5-122
Product Weight (lb.) 105.821 Product Weight (kgs.) 48
Assembly Required Assembly Required Assembly Required Yes
Color/Finish Black Furniture Features Spacious working area,Adjustable height
Frame Material Metal Steel Material Metal Steel, MDF Board
Included Desk, motor Number of Pieces 1
Number of Drawers 0
Shape Rectangular Tabletop Material MDF Board
Style Modern,ergonomic
Warranty / Certifications
Manufacturer Warranty Three Years  Warranty




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